Today, I saw something amazing.

I’ve been working in the operating room for almost nine years now. I started when I was only twenty one, and went straight to surgery right after nursing school. Over the past few years I’ve done just about every service within surgery (minus eyes of course, I’ll pass.) Laparoscopic general procedures, like a ruptured appendix. Orthopedic procedures, like a broken ankle or a total knee replacement. Neurological procedures (my personal favorite!) with spinal screws and rods or brain tumor resections.. And countless, countless other procedures. BUT, today, today was different. Today I did a rare case that only 17 states in the United States perform.

It’s called Twin to Twin Transfusion Laser Photocoagulation, and it’s amazing. A mother carrying identical twins can develop something called twin to twin transfusion syndrome at any time during their pregnancy where blood vessels create uneven blood flow between the babies. Essentially causing one baby to receive more blood and nutrients versus the other. During the procedure to correct the transfusion a very small laparoscope is introduced into the uterus. Through visualization within this tiny scope the surgeon is able to find the abnormal connecting vessels and laser the ones effecting the transfusion between the twins. How amazing is that?! Not only are they giving both babies the ability to survive in the womb and grow to a healthy size, BUT we all get to physically witness and look at two adorable twins sleeping peacefully in utero! From their tiny little fingers, to their perfect noses, to even that little peach fuzz all over their small micro human sized selves. It was so, so precious. If anyone watches Grey’s Anatomy (and God I hope you guys do!) This is Arizona’s territory. This! Is her moment.

There are so may days where I feel like my job is too tough, too much to handle or emotionally draining. But today. Today. Was a good day. I was reminded how awesome surgery is and just how incredible life can be, and that some days we do miracles… even micro, little.. tiny ones ❤