Planner Life & 2017!


As you guys have probably guessed, being an adult isn’t really my cup of tea. I make it look decent from the outside but I’m really just a 17 year old girl still blasting her radio, trapped in an almost 30 year olds life, just trying to remember to pay her cell phone bill on time. Which for the record I think is due in 14 days or so. I’m not totally sure. I really should probably look into that. *insert eye roll*  Anyhow, I do however love all things that have to do with organization and tend to be a little on the OCD side when my little heart desires. Which brings us to my love for To-Do Lists! Nothing makes me feel better than creating a To-Do List and then just scratching things off one by one. Best. feeling. ever. And honestly half the time it’s literally something I’m about to do that’s not even on the list, and I’ll add it just so I can scratch it off. Ha!

So when I think about 2017 and how it’s literally right around the corner , I’m already setting my sights on new goals, organizing it all, and financially making some leaps and bounds! I’ve always liked keeping a calendar or planner of some sort, and this week I found the CUTEST, BEST made one EVER and I haven’t even gotten to write a single thing in it yet! It’s called the LiveWell Weekly Monthly Planner by InkWell and I’ll put a link for all you other organizers, fellow OCDers, and Moms out there that need a place for everything. It literally has monthly mission boards, focus sections for your goals, daily habit trackers, and places for extra notes throughout the month! Did I mention the wander section for travel plans, and the bill tracker area?! Obviously, we all know I NEED the bill tracker section! If you guys couldn’t already tell.. I’m clearly obsessed.

This planner is about to become my new favorite tag along. I snagged a few stamps, ink pads, and cute stickers to add my scrapbooking side to the pages just to make it creative. I can’t wait for all the paper cuteness!



List of items, most found at Michael’s:

LiveWell Weekly Monthly Planner by InkWell; Office Depot

Kelly Purkey Weekend Stamp set & dye inks

Dear Lizzy Date Stamp

Create 365 Stickers

Recollections Creative Year Stamp Set