GO WILD Conference!

Guys. I'm so damn excited. I just snagged myself a ticket to the Wild for Planners, Go Wild Conference in Austin, TX!! Go Wild, is a 3-day conference for all things planner related with hands on sessions, a key note speaker, and full of empowering women that are experts at goal setting PLUS crushing every… Continue reading GO WILD Conference!


I’m not gonna lie, I kinda forgot.

Hiiiii, Heyyyy, How are ya?!?! Good. Great. Wonderful. Let me start this post out by saying that I kiinda, sorta, may have forgotten my blog was even a THING! Who does that?! Honestly though, how do you forget about something that you created? Should I get checked for early on set dementia, or should we… Continue reading I’m not gonna lie, I kinda forgot.