Good Morning.

Happy Saturday people!  It’s currently 10:02am, and yes, I am still in bed. I don’t even feel guilty about it. It’s been a long week, a pretty trying week, and an exhausting one. I’m happy to know that my To Dos for today consist of only running to the bank, and hitting Target for alllll the Superbowl food I plan to make tomorrow. Which by the way. Super excited for football & snacks for absolutely no reason at all.

I woke up this morning with a really grateful heart. And I just wanted to share with you guys how thankful I am for that. Life can be rough sometimes, and I’m glad to wake up, peak out of these thick white wood blinds and see nothing but blue skies and sunshine. To realize that the week has come to an end, and yes, I did in fact survive it. Though busy, hellish at some points, fun in moments, but overall completed, makes me glad. I know now that I have a three day weekend to look forward to. Where I can unwind, get to take Pumba on the longest walk, build some new Ikea nightstands, and hopefully throw in a trip to the movies with the largest bucket of popcorn fathomable.

What do you guys have planned? Time for yourselves? Happy hours? Seeing family?

I hope everyone truly enjoys the weekend, and soaks it all in. That you get the chance to step back and feel grateful for the time spent not working if you have the days off, and to appreciate another day to get to just breathe in, and breathe out.



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