Self care is the best care.



This year I’m choosing to keep my resolutions simple, not overrated, or more attainable as you’d say. I wrote a status a few days ago on social media saying that I was planning to not take as long to get ready as a resolution! Most people probably took that as a joke but I’m here to confirm that it most definitely was not *insert crying laughing face* Don’t get me wrong, in a pinch I can get ready pretty quickly. It may not look pretty in the end, but I can throw on a hoodie and yoga pants with the best of em. What I’m meaning are those Saturdays when I have plans to go somewhere and take about an hour and half just to get dressed or slap some makeup on this mug shot of mine. An hour and a half is ridiculous. In that amount of time I could’ve watched a whole episode of Flipping Out, ran roughly a little over a mile (because it’d seriously take me that long), taken a drive to Richmond AND found parking, or baked a damn cake. Whyyy am I wasting such precious time just “getting ready”?! And stressed out not even enjoying it kind of getting ready? I had a moment of just realizing time is way too precious to be wasting on which necklace to wear and what lip color I want. From now on it’s whichever pair of shoes that match that I grab first, and messy buns more often.

I’m also putting self care at the top of my list. Life is so hectic, and most definitely crazy 99.8% of the time, and it dawned on me that there’s very little that I chose to do for myself. And I don’t mean taking the most expensive secluded beach vacation, I just mean the little things that put me as a priority on the top of my list. Taking the time to workout out, therapy (because lord knows I kiiinda need it), scheduling massages or even just doing a face mask every week. This weekend I’ve stayed snowed in, and really just relaxed and organized things around the house. Its felt so nice to not be running around, grabbing fast food on the go and stressing out. Instead I feel like it’s actually been a seriously peaceful past couple of days. I had the best candle lit bubble bath last night, and a Lush cooling face mask. Guys.. It was honestly the best! Just taking that hour to myself with some Pandora Spa music was enough to make my lavender lotioned body feel like pureee heaven.

It’s crazy to think sometimes just how much of ourselves we put into work, family, relationships and yet put nothing into ourselves. Our lives require so much of us giving. Giving our time. Giving our emotions. Giving our dedication. Yet we save none of that time or dedication for ourselves. When we get the free time, we fill it up with others or responsibilities. When we have the urge to be more dedicated, we chose to pick up more projects at work. Instead I feel like we all owe it to ourselves to make sure we take time for US. Because in reality none of those things or other people are going to make sure to take care of you.

You’ll have to excuse my serious moment there. But I just felt like it needs to be said how much it SHOULD be okay to take care of yourself and to say “No” to things when you feel like you’re completely empty, and can no longer give of yourself. I plan on making my self care a huge priority from here on out. Plus if that officially makes it okay to take bubble baths as an adult? I’m there!



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