Detox does a body good.

Hiii guys! It’s been tooo damn long. I actually had to look back and see when the last time was that I even wrote anything down in this little cyber journally world of mine. Is journally even a word? Pretty positive it’s not. Also pretty positive I made it up. Hmph. So be it.

Let’s recap. I’ve moved into a new place with the girlfriend *gasp* (big steps here!) Started a new travel assignment right outside the heart of D.C. And most importantly, my Kitchenaid mixer is FINALLY out of storage! Which means cupcakes for everyoneee. I’m excited to get back to my domesticated ways. I may even buy an apron, wear it during a dinner party while I walk in carrying a roasted chicken on a platter. Think that’s too far?.. Yea, probably. Staying a little more stationary feels right for this moment in time so I’m happy to be slowly but surely planting mini roots.

During this whole process of packing up, cross countrying, moving, unpacking, and everything in between I noticed something that was really starting to bother me. Everyone that knows me would easily conclude that I’m absolutely, undeniably, obsessed with everything about my iPhone. And also that I do in fact love social media. But I was starting to notice just how much time I was wasting on everything from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat, to even the occasional Twitter scroll. If I actually took the time to count how many times alone I open up just my Facebook app I’m sure I wouldn’t believe it and say “No wayy that’s not right.” I found myself constantly scrolling on my phone. At a stop light, in line at the grocery store, during dinner with Meg, walking up a flight of stairs (seriously, on the stairs guys!), at happy hour with the friends I’d been dying to see. EVERYWHERE. I had gotten outta control. I was missing so many things. And for what. To see what most recent artsy Instagram picture was taken? Or to check that little red bubble with a number 3 in it on my Facebook?

I found myself wasting so much time on social media instead of enjoying what was right in front of me. I had this moment of realizing that my face was spending more time in my phone screen than even making normal human eye contact. Like going into the pharmacy to check out for example. I could walk up to the counter, things in hand, speak hello, wait to insert my chip card (or do I slide it.. no one ever really knows) say thank you and walk away without even looking up to see the cashier. Has anyone else done this?? It’s a shame to feel like this is seriously becoming our social norm. I was so busy typing a response to a Snapchat message that I couldn’t even bother to glance up to notice the person even ringing me up at the register. It’s as if we all feel like if we’re not on social media in so way that we’ll “miss” something, or feel like we’re not “caught up” when in reality we’re missing real life. Now. While it’s happening. And directly in front of us. Having ties with friends and family that are far away has it’s benefits, but we’re lacking real connections and relationships here in the present moments around us. We all seem to be craving that connection, or those deep meaningful relationships but we’re seeking them through a 4.5 inch phone screen.

Last week I decided to give myself a Social Media Detox, as you will. And I’m not gonna lie. It was much harder than I anticipated it would be. I clearly was slightly addicted to these lurking little apps, so instead of choosing to just not open them, I deleted them completely from my phone. Day 1 I went to use them about 196 times. Day 2 about 100 times. And by Day 3 about 5 times. Slowly I started to recognize when I was reaching for my phone mainly just to keep my hands busy. Instead, I chose to focus on the present moment, and my surroundings. To actually participate in a face to face conversation and to give my full undivided attention to someone.

I let about a week pass for this quote unquote detox of mine and honestly it felt good. I didn’t feel the constant pull at the end to “check up on the world” or scroll.. scroll..scroll. I’ve since then returned to social media, and to be honest taking the detox kinda did help. I occasionally will get back on something in the day, but if I don’t it’s not a big deal. I don’t feel so damn addicted to it. And that in itself is a success!

So! Long story long, a little detox does do the body, and this crazy mind, GOOD!



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